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Unique Creation has been manufacturing the finest leather goods, in Kolkata, India since 2010. We have modern factories in Kolkata, based out Topsia Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, covering a working area of over 8670 sq.mt producing high quality wallets , purses & hand bags for many renowned customers. All our production is done within our factories by our dedicated team of over 200 skilled and semi-skilled workers under strict quality controls.

We have a large variety of products in various leathers such as cow, buffalo, goat & sheep & different designs & models to suite every customers demand. We carefully source leather & other accessories at most competitive prices within India and from the other parts of the world to meet the price targets of our valued customers.


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    Ensure that human development takes place through all endeavors, increasing value for all stakeholders.

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    Create world class products, without any compromises on quality.

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    Be a responsible citizen, and work for the government and country.

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    Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers.

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    As a responsible citizen, care for the environment, utilizing the most advanced environmental practices.


  • The Factory provides for sufficient and suitable lighting, natural or artificial where workers are working or passing through. Provision of cleaning of inner and outer surface is provided for all glazed windows and skylights used for the lighting of the workrooms. In every factory, effective provision is made for the prevention of
    a) Glare, either directly from a source of light or by reflection from a smooth or polished surface;
    b) The formation of shadows to such an extent as to cause eyestrain or the risk of accident to any worker.
  • Provision are made for ventilation and regulation of temperature in the factories. Effective and suitable measures are adopted for securing and maintaining in every room:
    — adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air, and
    — such a temperature as will secure to workers reasonable conditions of comfort, and prevent injury to health, and in particular the walls and roofs shall be of such material and so designed that such temperature shall not exceed but kept within reasonable limits.
  • Our factory is kept clean and free from effluvia arising from any drain, privy or other nuisance.— accumulations of dirt and refuse are removed daily, by sweeping or any other method, from the floors and benches of work rooms and from stair cases and passages, and disposed off in a suitable manner;
    — the floor of every room is cleaned least once every day by washing, using disinfectant
    — all inside wall and partitions, all ceilings or tops of rooms and all walls, sides and tops of passages and staircases are painted or varnished, and repainted and refurnished at least once in a period of five years.
  • Where painting or varnishing is not required, the walls are kept white washed or colour washed, and the white washing or colour washing are carried out at least once in every period of 12 months.
  • Effective arrangement are made for the disposal of wastes and effluents arising out of manufacturing process in the factories.
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